Starting 2012 with a BLOG!

Alright, the title says it. I’m starting this year with a BLOG! And yes, that’s supposed to be a pun for KABLAAHGG! or whatever interjection old comic books can offer with a B, L or G in it.

Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits.  – Author Unknown

Pessimistic pets!

Please don’t hammer me with questions as to why I’m creating a new blog for the nth time. I know I’m a nutcase for doing so, okay? But every time I make a new one I always have this habit of promising there would be no more “too” personal stories or bitter articles or depressing poems. That’s what your journal’s for, idiot! Okay, maybe it was my way of reaching out or whatever and it’s neurotic, but I really don’t want to do that again. You see, I’ve created this URL about six months ago and I’ve been thinking about starting it by writing stories, reviews, opinions, mountain climbing or traveling. I wanted to focus on just one but as the queenbee of fickle-mindedness, I know that is never going to happen. So, thanks to my friends who are bloggers/photobloggers as well, I was encouraged to start a blog this year no matter how cliché that might sound. I’m the queen of clichés. See, I just claimed to be the queen of another thing! Talk about focus.

Going back to thanking my friends, they have either been tweeting or posting Facebook status regarding what new things they plan on starting this coming year. Well, I’m a little less prepared because the only New Year’s Resolution I have is for my attendance in the gym to be regular. My friends in the office have formed this sort of group exercise where we all train altogether. That way, we would all be motivated knowing we’ve got company. Okay, another pun. I’m getting good at this! Unless, you didn’t get it. We’ve got “company”? And I’m working with my officemates in a “compa…? Whatever. Anyway, most of my friends have plans for 2012. Lance plans on taking swimming lessons to slim down his ever bulging body; Gervic has a new blog/blog posts; Ara just recently updated hers; Mads is having this 365-day photo challenge due to the success of her October 30-day photo challenge (which included me twice. Haha cool!); Me-anne and Thina have been updating their blogs too talking about some spiritual stuff; Sab is, well, probably planning on trashing against corrupt officials or commenting on social issues much frequently this year; and Irene is out to get more physical and athletic. This leaves me with a barely furnitured house, two food-wasting mongrels, and piles of debts that forbid me to die for the next nine months. Not that I’m whining. Or maybe I’m whining a bit. But I do know how fortunate I am despite all these debts. I really just like to rant sometimes. It’s like my way of boasting what I have. Dammit, why did I just disclose that?

I don’t really have any big plans for the year. I was planning on slimming down, that’s all. That’s not really big because I’ve been having that resolution for years and everybody seems to have the same plan, anyway. I recall my last conversation with my friend, Irene, after our trip to Cartimar to find a bicycle for me and our Chuck-inspired and dream-come-true dinner at Subway. She encouraged me to run to be fit. I’m not really a fan of running especially on organized and commercial events. The only outdoor activity I am willing to pay for right now is mountain climbing. But we planned on targeting biking next as an outdoor alternative. This I can definitely do. I own a bike ever since I was five but my parents sold them when we relocated in Laguna. The roads here are just too steep for bicycle riding but every time we’re in Nayong Pilipino during trips to the airport, I would always rent one. Then I bought one again two years ago and sold it again this year to Lance’s dad because I desperately needed the money. I’ve gained most of my childhood bruises from biking. I remember how I once spent half a month partly blind on one eye because I fell off and hit my eye on the handlebar of my rented bike when I was 11. I also had bruises on my breast when I fell off again trying to avoid a coming truck. That actually hurts more than the eye injury because I was on puberty stage and my breasts were slowly growing — too slowly actually. I actually thought that accident was the reason my breasts weren’t equal in size.

Anyway, you guessed it right. I’m recalling my biking experience because today, I bought myself a bike.

Please don't sell it, idiot!

It’s an ordinary mountain bike with aluminum frame and rim and it is already mounted with disc brakes, so I’m good with this. The last one I bought has a metal body and despite its aluminum rim, it was still one heck of a heavy junk. I’ve ridden it earlier this afternoon already and damn, did my legs hurt! It was a 20-minute ride from my parents’ house to mine and tomorrow I’m planning on exhausting myself with it early in the morning with my always eager little sister.

Okay, I think I’m writing too much. Just shows how much I talk as well. As I end this entry, I realize I still don’t have a New Year’s Resolution. But I do want to thank my friends for having plans because it encourages me to start on something too. May not be something new at all but still I’m starting something. I guess I’ll just leave this blog with three blog-ending and year-starting bullets: (Did I just write a cool play of words there? :P)


    • starting this year with a BLOG! (Yes, still retaining that)
    • starting this year with a bike.


    • starting this year NOW.